Turnkey Solutions

Simply Masiya provides and implement entirely end to end solutions. Masiya supplies all customer’s system and service needs from HW to civil work to platform deployment, to customized app needed, and developing a storefront and catalog system, The end result is often referred to as an ‘out of the box’ solution. Masiya is confident and proud to have it’s experiences staff at all fields to confidently provide turnkey solution for the reasons below :
- Rapid Development: There is a single point of contact when working with one company, as compared to a number of contacts when working with multiple vendors.
- Affordability: Increased competition in the market has forced providers to offer competitive prices.
- Easy Administration: Working with Masiya’s means there is only one bill to deal with; most turnkey providers offer you easy access to site content so modifications can be made.
- Guaranteed Price: A contract is signed with the provider, tying parties into the quoted price.
- High Level Technology Capabilities Not Required: The provider builds the entire site, so there is no need for you to have high-level technical skills

  System Integration

Keeping up with advances in communication technology and services often requires telecom operators to run complex projects in order to integrate existing systems or networks with new business requirements. Our system integration services helps operators consolidate, simplify and optimize their operation and business support back-end systems and tools. This way, they can launch new services faster and at lower costs while keeping business continuity. Masiya’s end-to-end system integration services include:
• Business process analysis including requirements
• Solution design
• Product and vendor selection
• Solution development
• Solution integration, testing, maintenance and support
• Project management
• Training
The system integration process is designed on a foundation of strong experience, telecom and IT expertise and a set of environments and tools that cover all aspects of network implementation and integration.

   Technical Consultancy

The successful delivery of complex telecom transformation projects over the last two decades stands proof for our broad experience and competences in both domain- and product-based technical consultancy. Our technical consultancy services are provided by a global team of engineering experts with hands-on expertise in helping you align technology needs with business goals. Our project and program management experts can assure a smooth implementation of the recommended changes and lead you through a successful transformation. Our consultancy services, with focus on the area of real-time rating and charging, messaging, provisioning, mediation, subscriber data management, mobile broadband data policy management, and loyalty and churn management, cover:
• Vendor and technology analysis and selection
• Support in preparing requests for proposal (RFP) and requests for information (RFI)
• Business processes management
• Preparation for the introduction of new technologies
• Testing of performance and existing functionalities
• Functional analysis and optimization of the existing infrastructure and technology
• Assessment, implementation and integration of systems
• Project management
• Risk management

  Maintenance & Support

To ensure the permanent availability of our customers’ solutions and systems  we provide 24×7 technical maintenance and support services. We approach maintenance and support projects both from a managerial and a technical point of view, aiming to create long term partnerships with our customers. Our maintenance and support teams comprise highly skilled, experienced and multi-functional engineers led by managers responsible for complying with the agreed service level agreements (SLAs) and Masiya’s quality standards. Our maintenance and support teams are backed up by the global support organizations and our RD teams from Masiya and it’s technical partners. The latter is prepared to promptly offer level 1, level 2 and level 3 carrier grade support services 24/7 and is committed to offering maximum value to each customer through the proper mix of local and global services.